8 Tips to Retain High Review Ratings of Your Restaurant

You can compare a restaurant visit with that of a mini-vacation wherein you can benefit out of a stress-free and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thinking from the restaurant’s perspective, it is extremely important to pay attention to minute details for luring in customers time and again. Restaurants undergo appraisals on a daily basis coupled with the reviews and ratings of foodies around the globe which thereafter serve as the yardstick for others to follow suit. Feedback gets shared seamlessly thanks to social media wherein restaurant goers share their gastronomic experience with the entire world.

If you wish to rank high in terms of review, then you wish to present your customers with a holistic goodness which encompasses everything starting from availability of ample parking space to perfection in plating. In spite of all such preparations, chances are high that you might miss out on something which ultimately leads to a bad customer review. This is why it becomes necessary to give special importance to these eight aspects for clearing the review game with flying colors.

1. Consistency

You can develop consistency after gaining an in-depth understanding of what will work in the favour of your business and what shall go against it. For example, if chocolate brownies are a part of your specials menu and you have sold just 5 plates of them over the past 3 months, then maybe it’s time to try something else out. You can even talk to your customers and ask directly for their feedback in regards to the brownie and what else they would like to have in its place.

On the other hand, if you are selling croissants like hot cakes then you need to lock down the recipe and ensure its top-notch quality every time it comes out of your kitchen. In this way, you can lure in foodies who will go flocking to your restaurant for feasting on their favorite delicacies.

2. Specials

A special menu in a restaurant can be compared with a pleasant breeze on a hot day. Seasonal produce or special ingredients are used hereby for drawing the attention of people. You can think of restaurants coming up with a mango special menu for topping off their dishes with this exotic fruit. This can also serve as the perfect choice for customers who are in the mood of trying out something new. You can also gain a good review out of the same as your customers might not get the chance of relishing on such delicacies round the year.

3. Following The Trend

Even when you do not wish to implement signature menus, you can come up with a couple of signature dishes for breaking the monotony of your everyday spread. You can take the example of freak shakes which are the latest trend being followed by restaurants and cafes around the globe. Foodies are visiting these places to try out these yummilicious mocktails and posting about the same on social media. Think of Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino craze or maybe the latest black ice cream which was invented in New York and has recently found its way to the streets of Mumbai.

4. Loyalty Program

You can encourage your guests to join your restaurant’s loyalty program if they have been floored by your food, service and atmosphere. It takes just a few seconds for guests to enrol in to the program following which they can enjoy special treatments every time they set foot in to your restaurant.

5. Service

Flawless service by your restaurant staff never fails to earn brownie points in your favour. You can thus provide special hospitality training to your wait staff for providing personalised service to customers. You can take the example of waiters asking customers about their food allergies, desired spice level etc. Keeping a tab on the turn around time starting from the acceptance of order to delivery of the same. Paying special heed to service quality is of supreme importance as customers never fail to include the same in their review.

6. Extending A Warm Welcome

Getting customers to walk in through your restaurant door can place the ball in your court. Now you will be required to floor them with your gracious hospitality which is bound to make them feel at home. A warm smile and proper eye contact becomes essential while welcoming your guests in a polite manner. Managers should also visit each table and talk to the customers about their dining experience and offer help whenever possible. At the end of the day, you need to give your customers a special reason for coming back. This can take the shape of a small discount, free vouchers for being encashed elsewhere or maybe even a free appetizer.

7. Entertainment Package

Giving people a show to remember can make them brag about your restaurant on their Instagram and Facebook pages whole-heartedly. Roping in some popular artists to perform on selected days for entertaining your guests can add an extra dosage of happiness to their piping hot meal. You can take your pick amongst various genres such as art, poetry, comedy, music etc. for showering your customers with a wholesome experience.

They are bound to spread word about their experience at your eating joint on being satisfied with the entire experience. You can also provide a platform to budding new artists who are on the lookout for a subtle launch pad for their talents. Customers will surely write rave reviews if they find something new to talk about apart from just food and hospitality.

8. Simple Payment Process

After winning over your guests with delectable food and fantastic service, it is time to ensure a seamless payment procedure. Making customers wait for too long while making the payment or printing incorrect items in the bill might serve as a cause of discontent amongst your guests. Hence, streamlining the payment process can rhetorically improve the guest experience. You can also allow table-side payments depending on your restaurant setup for allowing guests to pay and even receive digital receipts without having to move from their table.

By paying heed to these above-mentioned pointers you can maintain the premier position of your restaurant which in turn is bound to lure in more and more guests.

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