10 Best Street Food Places in Old Delhi You Should Go After This Lockdown

Since a long time, Old Delhi or Purani Dilli has remained one of the preferable areas among large numbers of food lovers in India. Especially, Old Delhi is famous for providing a variety of street foods to entice almost every individual, whether local people and tourists coming from different places of India or across the world. Here, you will come to know about the specialties of a few famous and latest street food suppliers in Purani Dilli/Old Delhi.

1. Natraj Dahi Bhalla Center

A majority of people in India love to have aloo tikki; if you are one of them, you should definitely visit at the Natraj Dahi Bhalla Center famous for supplying two mouthwatering snacks on their food menus i.e. aloo tikki and dahi bhalla. The food venue is nearby the metro station of Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi.

Location: Google Maps

Address: 1396, Main Road Beside Central Bank, Kucha Mahajani, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Timing: Mon-Sun (11:30am–9pm)

2. Kulfi Centers of Lala Duli Chand and Kuremal Mohanlal

Do you have ever imagined enjoying cold kulfi in different tasty flavors? If not, you should try out a variety of kulfi flavors available at two famous Kulfi Centers of Old Delhi i.e. Lala Duli Chand Center and  Kuremal Mohanlal Center. Especially, if you travel to Old Delhi, during summer month, you will get the opportunity to try for seasonal mango Kulfi, along with other varieties of fruit flavor kulfis. Along with this, both of these sweet shops of Sitaram Bazaar in Purani Dilli provide you with many new flavors, such as rose, kewda, aam papad and tamarind flavor kulfis.

Location: Google Maps

Address: Shop no.8, Bengali Market, near Mandi House Metro Station, Delhi 110001

Timing: Mon-Sun (11:00am–11:00pm)

3. Lotan Chola Wala

There are hardly any Indian people, who do not love to have spicy chola curry. Keeping this in mind, Lotan Chola Wala serves red-hot curry consisting of chola and potatoes combined with green chili and coriander to garnish. Thus, if you have plans to make your tour to Delhi, you should definitely visit the Lotan Chola Wala located nearby Barsha Bullah Chowk in Old Delhi. The best part is that everyone know this place, you will not face any difficulty to find the street food center.

Location: Google Maps

Address: Govind Ki Gali, near Commercial St Sec School, Daryaganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

Timing: Mon-Sat (10:00am–02:00pm)

4. Shiv Mishthan Bhandar

Foodies want to start their day with tasty and healthy breakfast should definitely make their visit to Shiv Mishthan Bhandar. The sweet shop offers a variety of breakfast items, including bedmi-aloo and Nagori Halwa. Particularly, the bhandar (shop) witness a huge demand of crispy and puffy puris and curried potatoes or crispy puris and suji ka halwa. If this is not enough, sweet lovers will get the opportunity to have a few crackling jalebis to have an ultimate morning breakfast for the day. Moreover, if you schedule your tour to Delhi during summer months, you will also get a glass of chilled lassi.

Location: Google Maps

Address: 1846, Jamuna Bazar, Hanuman Mandir, Delhi – 110006

Timing: Mon-Sun (05:00am–10:55pm)

5. Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala

Similar to crispy puris, most of the Indians love to have Kachoris during the morning breakfast or as an evening snack with hot tea or coffee. Hence, your visit to the Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala let you to enjoy crispy and delicious kachoris of various flavors or types, few of which are pyaaz kachori, dal kachori and matar kachori. Besides this, Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala entice foodies countrywide and worldwide both with their special dry fruit kachoris.

Location: Google Maps

Address: 1104, Gali Bhojpura Rd, Maliwara, Katra Lehswan, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Timing: Mon-Sat (10:30am–07:30pm)

6. Bishan Swaroop, Shree Balaji and Lala Babu Chaat Centers

Whenever we usually talk about street foods, one of the common food items strike in our mind is the chaat. Hence, we have shared the specialties of two renowned chaat centers of Old Delhi. Firstly, we will recommend you to try for aloo ke kulle, known as boiled potatoes stuffed with chickpeas and chunky fruit chaat offered by Bishan Swaroop Chaat Center.

Another place to try chaat is the Shree Balaji Chaat Center that offers crispy papri chaat dipped in flavored chutneys and yogurt. Furthermore, rather than using tamarind chutney, the food center uses kachaalu chutney to serve with papri and aloo chaats. Other than this, a few youngsters also love to have pani puris, commonly known as gol gappas and samosas. For this, they are available with Lala Babu Chaat Center located nearby the aforementioned street food centers.

Location (Bishan Swaroop) : Google Maps

Address: 1421, Chandni Chowk, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Timing: Mon-Sat (01:00am–08:00pm)

7. Old Famous Jalebi Wala

Old Famous Jalebi Wala is the perfect place for all sweet lovers want to get pure pleasure of one of the popular Indian sweets i.e. Jalebi.  Specialty of this sweet center is that here sweet makers (commonly known as halwais) prepare jalebis (both soft and tasty to eat) by frying them in homemade and pure desi ghee instead of using Dalda and other counterparts. Another worth noticing fact about the Jalebi Wala center lies in the preparation of jalebi syrup. Unlike other places, where sweet makers use regular sugar syrups, the Old Famous Venter uses desi khandsari sugar with the aim to enhance the taste of jalebi even better.

Location: Google Maps

Address: 1795, Dariba Kalan Rd, opp. Central Baptist Church, Dariba Kalan, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Timing: Mon-Sun (08:00am–10:00pm)

8. Moti Mahal of Purani Dilli

Now, you already get valuable pieces of information about varieties of breakfast and refreshment snacks available in Old Delhi, it is the time to collect information about places to explore to enjoy non-vegetarian dishes. For this, we will highlight about famous Moti Mahal Restaurant of Purani Dilli offering Tandoori Chicken to its visitors. Chefs serve their dishes consisting of Tandoori Chicken in marinade trays, while add tomato and butter to boost the appetite.

Location: Google Maps

Address: 3704, Netaji Subhash Marg, Old Dariya Ganj, Daryaganj, New Delhi, Delhi 110002

Timing: Mon-Sun (12:00am–12:00pm)

9. Karim’s Hotel Pvt Ltd

Meat lovers, on the other side, should go to Karim’s Center located at the Jama Masjid Gate No.1 to offer varieties of heavenly kebabs and mouth-watering mutton nahari.

Location: Google Maps

Address: 16 Urdu Bazar Road Infront of Jama Masjid Gate No.1, Gali Bhairo Wali, Kababiyan, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Timing: Mon-Sun (09:00am–01:00am)

10. Al Jawahar near Jama Masjid Delhi

Whether you love to have tikkas or mutton barrah, you will expect to satisfy your cravings towards meat dishes at Al Jawahar restautant located nearby the Jama Masjid in Delhi. What would be better than having Iftar at Al Jawahar after your Namaz at Jama Masjid on the Eid Day? Other than Biryani, Gurda Kaleji and Korma and other mutton delicacies, here, you will find Chicken Changazi to satisfy your hunger.

Location: Google Maps

Address: 8, Near, Matia Mahal Rd, Bazar Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110006

Timing: Mon-Sun (07:00am–12:30am)

In conclusion, we should say that street food centers of Old Delhi (Purani Dilli) are perfect places for every food lovers across different areas of India. Therefore, whenever you go for a tour to Delhi, you should never miss the tasty and mouthwatering snacks, chicken/mutton variants and sweet dishes found in the famous street food shops, restaurant and sweet centers.

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